To the friends we’ll never talk to again

I imagine our lives to be a story, with a seamless transition from beginning to the middle, ending at the finale.

We write, direct, and star in it. We control the story, casting ourselves as the hero / heroine.

We also cast the major characters in our lives; Enemies, best friends, and lovers. We decide who to cast in those roles, and for how long.

They are the Dr. Watson to our Sherlock Holmes, the Chandler to our Joey.

However, the casting isn’t permanent. What happens when our story develops to the point where our once closest friend has a seemingly irreparable outburst? Not everyone who is close now will be there forever.

It’s the cold, hard truth of life. One I’ve fought against but to no avail.

I remember when we would talk for hours about all sorts of random shit. We liked the same random shit, hated the same people, and had laughs about the strangest of things. We would jokingly insult each other over the smallest things, and laugh it off. At the end of the day, I had your back, and you had mine. We could do everything.

We swore that we would be friends until we die.

All that changed one day. What happened? Maybe our feelings changed. Maybe we didn’t have each others backs when we really needed it and we never recovered since. All I know is that we no longer play each others close friends in our stories. We’ve cast new people to take over.

Things have been going on quite nicely since you left. My new cast members fit the role nicely, like you once did.

The plot of my life has been steady, yet for some reason, I can’t help but feel this void in my life. I can’t help that while my new friends are awesome, there are moments that only you could bring about, memories that are only triggered by you.

Hard as they try, they just cannot replicate that old feeling. It’s just not the same.

Does it really have to end there? Is our connection really severed for good? I know you’ve been (for the lack of a better word) replaced as my close friend, and the same goes for me to you, but know that you have not been removed from my story entirely. Never.

Your impact on my life previously was simply too great and will NEVER be forgotten.

You were a big part of my life, and while that part is now smaller, you will always be part of my story even if there are new characters coming in. Before them it was you, and the least I can do is open my arms and welcome you should you ever decide to come back or seek my help.

Just say the word and we can go back to how it was previously in a flash.

Maybe you’re too busy with your life to bother about this person in your life. But I hope that you know that whether it’s a cameo appearance that lasts one chapter, or a full-on return of your character as a major star, my story will always welcome you back in, because no one else – regardless of how good – can play that role except you.