Don’t show your emotions.

No one cares.
No one.

Everyone says that you should open up and that you MUST tell people how you feel.
When you do, they say that you’re too emotional.
You think too much.
You are worrying for no reason.

They don’t know that you overthink because you are afraid.
Afraid of the same things happening again.
Because it has happened before.

You pour your heart and soul into something.
Only for it to come back to nothing.

It’s true that you don’t expect anything.
But you also wish that you would feel appreciated.

You are angry with yourself.
For feeling this way.
For being so selfish that you only want them to yourselves.
No one else can have them.

You can’t let go of them.
You want them to always be there, like how you’ll always be there.

You don’t know how you would react if you lost control and just told them how you felt.
You don’t know if they will laugh at you, or look at you strange and then walk away, thinking that you’re weird.
You don’t know.

You want to tell them, you truly do.
But you are afraid of everything.
This is so fucking stupid.

I swear, I really don’t know what to do.