Change for the better

1. noun A change (as in, e.g., circumstance, disposition, a situation, etc.) that ultimately leads to or results in a more positive situation or outcome.

Change for the better, be the person that people can look up to. A person who can look back and say: “Yep, I changed for the better”
But what if the person who you changed for, doesn’t?

Would you feel that it’s unfair? That why others can’t change if you did your best to change?

I changed from being a hot-headed, angry person to someone who is a little hot-headed, but a lot calmer and patient.
I changed from being a person who would get angry when people cut me off to someone who’ll go “meh”, and let them be.
Where I would get angry over the smallest things and rage for hours previously, now I just cool off and tell myself that it’s not worth it.
I do still get triggered by assumptions, and certain characters, so there’s that. I’m only human, bite me.

I’m changing to be a better person.

Stop telling me to change when I am already on my way there. You should change yourself instead. Remember, when you point a finger at me, three more are pointing back at you.